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Roadmap Nigeria

+ To promote informed public discourse on public service reform based on relevant, quality, and up-to-date evidence. The Network will make the output of the research available to policy makers and policy communities.


+ To provide a platform for constructive engagement on pivotal issues and challenges to effective governance, in general; and public sector reform, in particular. This would be undertaken by creating different forums for
meaningful discussions on otherwise divisive matters.


+ To foster opportunities and broaden channels for the uptake of research into policy and practice. Engagements would promote the use of research as a basis to identify and formulate PSR challenges, on one hand, and for policy priorities to set the agenda for research into reform options, on the other hand.


+ To develop an avenue to engage the public in conversations on public sector reform and governance reform at large. This would also serve as a more democratized space for the identification of solutions that are endogenous and contextually path dependent.